Hard Noise & Solid Sounds

Hard Noise & Solid Sounds

I have a confession to make, this fifty something refugee from a life well lived used to be a heavy metal aficionado. My first rockin roll love was dark and heavy, and the first album I ever bought was a headbanging opus. I was totally into one band and that group was Black Sabbath. I was 9 years old and I loved the Satan worshipping boys from Britain. Geezer Butler on bass, Tony Iommi on lead guitar, and, yes, Ozzy Osborne on vocals. These were my foot stomping and riff pounding heroes. I prayed at the dark church of the Black Sabbath.

A Thumping Beat Born of Evil

Hard noise and solid sounds were my parameters. Heavy metal was my home ground. My teenage years were a thumping beat born of evil. I painted all the walls of my bedroom black, except for one, which was covered in tin foil. My bong lived in my stinking wardrobe. I wore a black ribbed condom during my first sexual conquest. My friends watched from the window, whilst I lay down with a girl named Footyhead. The condom thing didn’t last long, I would fly au natural from then on.

War Pigs & Paranoia

Scintillating riffs screamed out from every Sabbath track on War Pigs, Paranoid, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Black Sabbath Vol. 4 was that first LP I purchased at age 9. Solid stuff was what my world of music was made of. When I laid down on sheets stiffened by weeks and months of ejaculate I could feel it crack under the pressure of the decibels. I would not, even, let my parents into my room, when they came up the hallway complaining of the noise. Clouds of marijuana smoke would escape through the crack in the door, as I shut my parents down.

Driving Bass & Drums

Driving bass and drums, stiff pricks and cum wiped up with old footy socks, mates crowding around the bubbling bong, these are the memories of my childhood. The cry of an impassioned Ozzy Osborne and the sonic serenade of a Tony Iommi lead guitar riff. Technical Ecstasy became my favourite album as I got older.  It took me years to get into music that wasn’t grounded in a 4/4 beat. Things like the jazz infused Police were anathema to my idea of what rock music was all about. Heavy metal was in my veins for years and years.

Sexy Sights & Sounds in Sydney

Sexy Sights & Sounds in Sydney

Sydney’s iconic landmarks include the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Most of the attractions in the city present a good way of relaxing and bonding with our loved ones. But if you are looking for exotic Sydney adventures, the city has so much to offer, including sexy sights and sounds. Here is a list of must-see places in and around the city.

Sexy Sights & Sounds in Sydney

  • Bondi Beach Babes and Jocks

This 1 kilometer-long beach is a favorite among local and international holidaymakers. Whales and dolphins can sometimes be traced in the area. Moreover, Bondi Beach hosts a lot of sexy babes in their swimsuits and jocks with rock hard abs in trunks. The beach also holds the Guiness Book of World Record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot. It is also the preferred shooting location of various magazine covers and TV advertisements.

  • Sexy Suburbs

If you are single and ready to mingle, Sydney has the sexiest suburbs for people who are looking for love and casual hookups. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a lot of attractive Sydney bachelors are in North Sydney, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. On the other hand, the city’s sexiest and prettiest bachelorettes are in Bondi, Bronte and Birchgrove.

  • Sexiest Rooftop Bars

According to the Australian Traveller, some of the sexiest rooftop bars in the city are the Taylor’s Rooftop and the Intercontinental Double Bay. If you feel like cozying up in a tropical setting without leaving Sydney CBD, you better head straight to Taylor’s Rooftop. Located on Pitt Street, the bar gives a new meaning to sky-high, urban jungle-themed bars.

Meanwhile, the Interncontinental Double Bay on Cross Street truly evinces that luxury is sexy. It gives this elegant and sophisticated vibe that makes your bar experience truly worthwhile.

  • Brothels

Sydney has one of the best brothels in the country. The city houses upscale brothels that cater businessmen and the elite, and ordinary cathouses for your typical locals and tourists. This being said, guests will surely enjoy their stay in Sydney in the arms of the city’s sex workers.

  • Sydney Festivals

What’s sexier than playing with fire? Every summer, countless festivals are being held in Sydney. One of which is the Sydney Festival that features a lot of fire dancers, acrobats and contortionists. There are also music festivals, you know, like the Coachella in the United States. Visitors get to enjoy listening to the performances of their favorite bands.

  • Adult Shops

For a literal take of sexy sights in Sydney, countless adult shops can be found in the city. Most of which sell sex toys, adult films, and costumes for people interested in some role playing.

Macau Jockey Club In Trouble?

Macau Jockey Club In Trouble?

Macau Jockey Club and Racing Complex opened in 1980 as the Macau Trotting Club to promote harness racing in Asia. In 1989 the track switched focus to thoroughbred horse racing. Horses coming from United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and France train and race at MJC.  Macau Horse Racing Co. Ltd. runs this facility and continues to monopolise horse racing betting and online free bets in Macau. In its history of operation, MJC has faced financial losses. The club has failed to make an annual profit since 2004. The club seems to be in trouble because it has been losing money year after year. High maintenance costs ate up revenue leading to losses.  In 2015 the club’s total revenues were down almost 60% from the previous year.

Multiple claims of budget and mismanagement is being pointed out as the cause of the collapse in popularity of the facility. Although the club is still able to attract visitors with its Triple Crown series, some members are complaining on the reduction on the number of events. Their chief concern is the dwindling number of events for Class 1 horses. Too few events mean some horses cannot race on top-class races for months. This may potentially affect the horses’ long-term performance. The club can barely stage two race meetings a week. It has a difficulty coming up with large field sizes to simulate wagering and turnover.

The pool of horses has also dwindled. From 1,100 active horses 6 years ago, there are only 600 horses in training according to the website. But some sources said that the actual number of horses is only 460 and probably 30-40 of them are injured. The declining horse population creates a consequential decline in racehorse ownership. The number and the quality of jockeys riding there are also affected.

The club has also been criticised for its maintenance, public safety and sub-standard facilities. A Macau Derby Winner The Alfonso had been injured after a large piece of concrete in the ceiling of his stable collapsed. The falling ceiling happened many times before luckily no horses were hit. The president of Society for the Protection of Animals Macau is complaining of sub-standard animal welfare. He said that the stables are dirty and very badly managed. There is also no place for retired animals and they can be stuck in the stable for five months without going outside. A report also said that there are a considerable number of horses that are being fed and kept in confined spaces for months.

Club members accuse troubled MJC of mismanagement. Bosses at the Club have been accused by 19 disgruntled members who claim budget cuts left the club at a dire state. They claimed that a retired racehorse is living in an austere stable. The spokesperson for the Macau Jockey Club rejected the claims and said the concerns are now being addressed. The Club together with the government are trying to address the concerns of disgruntled members. They promise to get the operation back on track. The Club has also been in talks with South Korea and Turkey for a possible partnership that would help narrow the company’s losses.

Every Music Scene Fan Who Needs To Get Dumpstered

Every Music Scene Fan Who Needs To Get Dumpstered

Attending music event can be exciting and exhilarating. This fun activity can help to boost your spirits up for several days after the event. The experience can provide happy memories in the days to come. What makes music events like concerts interesting are the people who have something in common with you.  All of them share your love of music, your particular band or performer. There are different people who go to music events, regardless of the performers. No matter how cool the crowd is, there are some worst fans you could possibly meet at the show. Event waste management is becoming more and important. The organizers need to take out the trash, including every music fan who needs to get dumpstered. You know them and can recognise them easily.

The drunk
In every music event, there’s always the drunk. You can easily identify them by their smell. Drunken guy or girl can be most annoying. They will never shut up and continue to be loud the whole event. Their clumsiness can result in spilled alcoholic beverage on you. Try to avoid them and move away if possible.

The lead singer
The lead singer is person who sings to every song at the top of their lungs. You’ll think he confuses the event for a karaoke show. Being stuck with this kind of fan is irritating since you went to the concert to hear the band.

The song heckler
Some fans love to scream the title of their favourite song in the hope that the band will play them. They will loudly scream throughout the show, even when they know there’s a setlist for the artist. You’ll wish this people will shut up and just enjoy the show.

The uncoordinated dancer
These are the people who love to dance but they have no coordination. They just hurl their arms at people instead of dancing. Their actions sometimes result into jostling and inappropriate touching. They will just throw their hands in the air and don’t care what anyone thinks.

The photographer
Some fans just waste most of their time taking pictures instead of experiencing the event. They feel that they need to take pictures to prove that they were at the concert. These people can also be a #hashtag warrior to get some Instagram likes for their posts.

The talker
Some folks are more interested to talk instead of listening to the band. They just keep talking even when people are glaring back at them. They even have to shout to hear each other. People having full blown conversation during the event ruin the show.

The stoic
You can easily spot the stoic by his crossed arms, nodding head and slightly closed eyes. The stoic seems to have been truly lost in the music and he makes sure you know it. You’ll see this fan in every show. His face is as stoic as the guards in the palace. He remains unmoved by all the singing, dancing and merriment going around.

The inconsiderate tall people
Some people just seem to be blocking the view for rows behind because of their height.  These people stand at the ground in their full height with false authority instead of standing behind to let everyone see.

The dance advocate
These concertgoers want to dance all the time. They want to dance every minute even grabbing everyone to join them. They continue to dance to start a mosh pit when nobody wants to mosh. Beware, they might harass you to get up and dance with them.

The PDA obsessed couple
These set of fans are literally impossible to pry apart, they are attached to the hip. They are the couples who refused to stop making out while the concert is going on. These two are often found in the corner locked on the floor cuddling and will not be moved.

The super fan
You can easily spot them by their outfit. Most of them are wearing the merch of the performers from head to toe. These fans have all the official merchandise. They are ready for the concert, with signs, posters and tattoo of the artist.

Kids who like to smoke pot
These kids typically ignore the band onstage instead they devote their energy smoking pot. You can find them at outdoor concerts on the open lawn. They will spend the rest of the concert in a drugged bliss or ask anyone to skip out with them.

The drag along
They really don’t want to be at the event. Attending is against their will, they are there to chaperone or simply blackmailed. Examples of this include mothers at a rock concert or fathers at Taylor Swift’s concert.  These people just stand still when the crowd goes wild.

The nudist
They are the kind of fan who takes any article of clothing off when drunk. They continuously bump into you while undressing and screaming at the top of their lungs.

The dance police
This guy or girls likes to treat a rock concert like a fancy opera. They only want to watch while telling other people around them to sit down. They don’t want dancing or any disturbances while they watch.

Smelly cats
You can smell these fans before you see them. They can be drunk who spilled beer on themselves due to clumsiness. Others didn’t take a bath or just have bad body odour.


Soothing Music Can Help To Increase Fertility Rates

Soothing Music Can Help To Increase Fertility Rates

The best way to begin pregnancy is before the conception. Preconception planning and preparation can help get the baby on board faster by improving your fertility. If your fertility test found no medical reason for your infertility, evaluate your life to determine your stress level. Your stress may be a factor for your inability to conceive. It’s time to defeat your stress by using music to boost your fertility naturally. Soothing music can enhance fertility by reducing stress. Music and sound alleviates stress by inducing relaxation response to the brain and body. Music creates mind and body connection that bring real changes in the body.  Music decreases anxiety, depression and fatigue while increasing vigour and vitality. Fertility levels increase with the right music. For couples wanting a successful pregnancy, music therapy can be an effective and low-cost supplement to their fertility enhancement program.

Scientific studies show that stress can be linked to a woman’s inability to conceive. Stress causes lack of libido and decrease fertility level. Stress Induce Reproductive Dysfunction is the name used to describe this situation. The woman’s body is designed to prevent pregnancy during times of stress. The body produces adrenalin, a hormone that signals the body that it’s not ideal to conceive. Adrenalin inhibits the utilisation of progesterone which is essential for fertility. Stress not only inhibits women’s fertility but also slow male sperm production. Stress hormones inhibit the body’s main sex hormone and suppress sexual activity, sperm count and ovulation. Stress also reduces fertility by overproducing cortisol, prolactin and ACTH. The hormonal imbalance gets in the way of normal reproduction. Relieving stress through music can help regain hormonal balance.

Stress negatively affect fertility rate, it is linked to delayed or missed periods which makes tracking ovulation difficult. If you’re considering natural alternative to get pregnant try music therapy. It helps to achieve mind and body relaxation and moderate stress levels. This therapeutic modality dates back to ancient times. Music was used by our forefathers as a stimulus of pleasure. Music help produce dopamine, a substance that makes us feel good. The power of music as a stress reliever has undeniable benefits for fertility and well-being. Music may not be a cure for infertility but it helps encourage conception by bringing the body back into hormonal balance. Music helps the body and mind to relax. Relaxation stimulates the reproductive organs into action. Vibrations produced by music increase the chances of the sperm fertilising the egg.

If pregnancy is your ultimate goal removing stress should be your priority. Reduce stress from your life to achieve healthy fertility. Get rid of stress safely and naturally through music therapy. This modality addresses both fertility and stress reduction at the same time. Music therapy can be done anywhere, in the privacy of the home, in the car or just about anywhere for a few minutes to provide a sense of relaxation. Soothing music can help to increase fertility rate by quieting the mind, stimulating pleasure and making you feel good. Feeling good makes you healthier and more receptive to positive outcomes.

Pour Some Sugar On Us: Top Disabled Musicians Who Inspire Us

Pour Some Sugar On Us: Top Disabled Musicians Who Inspire Us

Disability is any kind of physical or mental impairment that limits the activity capacity of an individual. It can be present at birth or developed at some point in life. Illness, accidents or late emerging effect of genetics can cause disability. Disability hinders one’s ability to play or write music yet some disabled musicians overcome their disability to produce great music. These musicians did pour sugar on us and inspire us to live out our dreams. We compiled a list of top disabled musicians who continue to motivate us. This is just a fraction of the musicians who struggled and win over disability. They all provide the disabled and able bodied with encouragement to fulfil their dreams of becoming a successful musician.

Lupus & Vitiligo
Michael Jackson is one the most famous musician with Lupus and Vitiligo. His famous white gloves has been introduced to cover the discoloration of his hand from Vitiligo. This disease causes discoloration and skin blotches. He battled this skin problem over the years of his career. Lupus has impacted him from ultra violet light from the sun and fluorescent lights. The combination of Lupus and Vitiligo explain some of his public behavioural issues. He used fashion to deal with his disabilities and became a fashion icon and king of pop.

This singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and record producer was born blind. He can play the piano, organ, harmonica and drums. He did not let his blindness stop him from providing great lyrics and music. He received 22 Grammy Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award and he’s inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was even named United Nations Messenger of Peace. He has been successful since the 60’s and continues to play music today.

Asthmatic Kenny Gorelick happens to the most famous saxophone player in the world. He is a Grammy Winner with 48 million records – making him the 25th highest selling recording artist in America. If you think asthma would be a difficult disability for playing a musical instrument, think twice. Kenny G’s asthma didn’t block his career in fact he has the world record of playing the longest note on a saxophone. A study proved that playing an instrument or singing may actually help improve muscle flexibility of the lungs. This may allow people with asthma to breathe deeper without fatigue.

Michael Bolton is most popular for his soft rock ballads, as well as his past heavy metal. This famous balladeer influenced the world with his compositions and performances. Many don’t know that he suffered from tinnitus and deafness in one ear. Despite his conditions Bolton continue to be a great musician stirring the hearts of millions. He also got into composing songs for other artist including Kenny G, Patti LaBelle and KISS.

ALS/ Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Becker is a neo-classical guitarist who achieved fame when he was 16. This  former guitarist for David Roth lived with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for 25 years. The doctors gave  him a few years to live  after his diagnosis with ALS but he defied medical odds by surviving decades longer. Amid his paralysis, he composes music through the aid of a computer with the assistance of collaborators.

Multiple sclerosis
Tamia Washington Hill is an R&B superstar and the wife of NBA icon Grant Hill. She’s diagnosed with MS at the age of 28. After educating herself about MS she set out to make others more aware of the disease. She started inspiring others with MS diagnosis that it is not the end of their hopes and dreams. She and her husband advocate for National MS Society to raise awareness and understanding about multiple sclerosis.

Polio, epilepsy and diabetes
Neil Young is a folk rocker from Canada. He’s a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He contracted polio when he was six, had diabetes and epilepsy. He also underwent brain aneurism surgery in 2005. He gained the nickname “The Godfather of Grudge” because of his influence on this genre. He is a strong advocate for disability and the environment. He created recreation programs for people with disabilities  and performs at benefit concerts every year.

Type1 Diabetes
Michaels was Poison’s lead singer who’s diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was six years old. Diabetes makes the pancreas unable to make insulin and convert food into energy. This chronic disease did not slow him down instead he had a successful career with the band Poison and a solo career. He’s not only a musician but a songwriter, television personality and actor. This talented entertainer helps to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

Stanley Eisen in real life is the rhythm guitarist and lead singer of the rock band KISS. He is also a songwriter, painter and author. He was born with Microtia, a rare congenital deformity where his outer ear is extremely underdeveloped. Microtia left him deaf n his right ear. Stanley inspires people by going beyond their disability. He is the spokesman of About Face an organisation that supports and provides information to people with facial deformity.

Full-arm Amputation
Def Leppard drummer lost his left arm in a car accident. Allen did not let his disability come in the way of his music career. After his full arm amputation he has custom drum set designed by engineers that allows him to play the snare on his left foot. He returned to the stage with an album two years after the accident and sold more than 20 million copies.

Albinism, Photophobia
Winter is an American blues musician who experimented with multiple instruments. He plays keyboards, saxophone and drums. He can be easily recognised by his albinism or lack of pigmentation in the skin and hair. Lack of pigmentation resulted in visual impairment and photophobia. Although intense light can be painful and create white blindness, Winter continued to perform on stage with his band. He’s credited with coming up with the idea of putting a strap on electronic keyboard. He has nearly 20 albums to his credit with some singles including “Free Ride” “Shock Treatment” and “Frankenstein.”

Spinal Meningitis
Mary Wells is one of the best female singers in the music industry. She is the founder of the famous “Motown Sound” and the frst lady of Motown Records. She has spinal meningitis when she as a child. It left her with temporary paralysis, slight loss of hearing and partial blindness. The Beatles declared her their favourite American singer and called her “their sweetheart.”




Misheard Song Lyrics

Misheard Song Lyrics

Singing along with a popular music or with our favorite song is fairly common. When we hear it play on the radio or while we’re shopping, we can’t refrain from singing it out loud. That being said, there are occasions that we get the song’s lyrics wrong. Sometimes, it’s because of hearing loss. While in most cases, it is a result of central auditory processing disorder. CAPD causes confusion during popular songs and sing-alongs. Here are some of the funniest interpretations of lyrics out there!

1. Pink’s Just Give Me a Reason

This video will prove that you don’t have to memorize the song’s lyrics word by word, as long as you hit those notes. Attagirl!

2. Ellie Goulding‘s Love Me Like You Do

If you’re a big fan of a capellas, this clip is for you. The video started with a warm “Hello!” from the singer and a flying kiss. One of the most memorable lines from this video is “I can watch you in the dark.”

3. Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud

“Maybe I, never lie. Oh, 70!” Wait, what did I just hear?

4. Mariah Carey’s Without You

Valentina Hassan became popular after auditioning to a singing contest in Bulgaria. Listen to her version of Mariah Carey’s Without You. Maybe after watching this video, you’ll realize that “You ken lee anymore.” One of the comments in the Youtube video said that she only messed up some of the lyrics, but nailed the tolibu dibu douchoo parts.

Valentina’s interpretation: Ken leeeee! Tolibu dibu douchoooo. Ken leeee! Ken lee meju more.

Mariah’s version: I can’t live. If living is without you. I can’t live, can’t give anymore.

There are also songs that will make you search it’s lyrics to confirm if you heard it right. Here are some of them:

 1. Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud

Version 1: Take me into your lemon arms

Version 2: Take me into your loving arms

Which version is the song’s true lyrics? Find out below:

2. Taylor Swift’s Blank Space

Version 1: Got a lot of Starbucks lover

Version 2: Got a long list of ex-lovers

Does Taylor love coffee? Go watch the music video.

3. Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s Bang Bang

Version 1: Bang bang into the womb

Version 2: Bang bang into the roof

Probably they’re explaining how babies were created?

4. Iggy Azalea’s Fancy

Version 1: Can’t you taste this scone?

Version 2: Can’t you taste this gold?

Now let us have it!

5. Celine Dion’s version of All by Myself

Version 1: Obama’s elf

Version 2: All by myself

 Maybe Obama does have an elf.

Lasers Can Fix Your Banged Up Eardrums

Lasers Can Fix Your Banged Up Eardrums

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), at least 37 million adult Americans have tinnitus. This condition pertains to ‘ringing in the ears’ in the form of hissing, roaring or whistling sounds. Due to elaborate innermost anatomy of the ears and complex nerve pathways, there is no known cause of tinnitus yet. That being said, muscular tension, damage in the cochlea, and brain injury are claimed to be the source of this condition. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: tinnitus is not imaginary.

 Treatment of Tinnitus

 Out of the three proposed sources of tinnitus, treatment for brain injury-induced tinnitus is still non-existent. Be that as it may, low-level laser therapy for tinnitus caused by muscular tension and cochlean damage are yielding good outcome. But what is low-level laser therapy (LLLT)?

 LLLT started through the efforts of Dr. Uwe Mitt of Hamburg in Germany. The therapy was then developed by Dr. Lutz Wilden of the Center for Low-Level Laser Therapy. LLLT is based on the premise that “laser energy in the red and near infrared light spectrum can penetrate tissues.” It is also said that LLLT is capable of restoring damaged tissues and reversing various degenerative conditions. Even if this approach is relatively new, it is said that LLLT is an effective method in treating peripheral and central nervous system injuries and disorders. However, its therapeutic morality in cochlear dysfunction, such as chronic cochlear tinnitus or sensorineural hearing loss, is still controversial.

 Based from published journal articles, the results of LLLT in treating tinnitus showed promising effects. In fact, 88 percent of the subjects from an LLLT experiment illustrated that there is a significant reduction in the intensity of tinnitus. There were also reported studies that produced negative results when they tried to mimic the original soft laser therapy administered by Dr. Wilden in varying intensities and sessions. Records show that those who had unsuccessful outcomes treated their subjects for 6 to 10 minutes per sessions, while some went through the therapy once or twice a week. But health professionals who offer LLLT argued that those experiments radiated their test subjects for no more than 100 minutes for several months. This is in contrast with Dr. Wilden’s original test where patients were treated with LLLT for 600 minutes in a span of 2 weeks.

How We Found Our Niche Market

How We Found Our Niche Market

Leederadio is the home of alternative Asian-influenced music, with everything from K-Pop and J-Pop to Deep House and Acid Trance. Obviously, we’re focused on a pretty specific niche, so how do you market to an Asian audience?

In general, diversifying your marketing endeavors to an international market, including marketing to an Asian audience, will allow your business to expand its customer base and have wider reach. In fact, the Asian community in the United States is considered as the fastest-growing race group in the country. That’s why businesses create marketing campaigns that are directed towards the Asian audience. Here are some tips on how you can bolster your marketing efforts that involve the Asian niche:

1. Exploit the powers of social media

Asians, particularly those in the Southeast Asia, account to almost 500 million active Facebook users and one-thirds of Twitter accounts. Social media users in the region are also heavily engaged in mobile chat applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat. On that account, you should avoid focusing all your efforts on a single entity, but rather develop a strategy that is applicable across all social media platforms and chat applications.

2. Become knowledgeable about your audience

This entails identifying who your target audience is. Since the Asian culture is very diverse, your efforts should be able to penetrate the right audience. Consequently, this will enable you to select the right media that will draw the attention of your prospective market.

 3. Go mobile

A study on the consumption pattern of those in the Asia Pacific region illustrated that the Asian market is engrossed on contents on their smartphones and tablets. As such, businesses should create content that can adapt on various technological platforms.

 4. Properly segment your audience

Rather than looking at the region in pieces, group your market based on interests, behavior and motivating force. Through this, you can create an approach where specific segments can directly relate to.

 5. Localize your marketing platforms

This does not simply mean translating your content to the local language, but rather creating a marketing feel that is specifically tailored to a certain market. For instance, employ an SEM strategy that will incorporate localized keywords that will perfectly describe your website and content. Another example is instituting multiple localized pages that will cater to a specified Asian market. In doing this, you should be ready to dedicate a lot of time customizing your page and its content.

Talented Asian Pop Singers On The Rise

Talented Asian Pop Singers On The Rise

There are many talented Asian pop singers around the world right now. In many ways the whole pop music genre suits their cultural mindset. This is, of course, a big generalisation, but it is also true in a number of important aspects. The pop music industry has always been formulaic, with producers and managers moulding young performers into made for television stars. Whether it was Kylie Minogue or Sheena Easton, Madonna in her early years, and so many more, there has always been a formula for the presentation of these artists.

Talented Asian Pop Singers On The Rise

BoA would have to be considered one of the biggest Asian pop singers on the rise, having crossed over into American movies recently as well. This very attractive South Korean woman is a vocalist with lots of talent and has even been called the Orient’s Britney Spears. But why sully a wonderful Asian superstar with comparisons to Anglos, when she is a veritable tsunami of dance moves and divahood. She began her pop journey as an eleven-year-old, being chosen like a princess from a fairy tale by record producers at SM Entertainment. Amazingly for a South Korean she is even popular in Japan.

Coco Lee is dubbed the Japanese Madonna circa nineteen eighties, as she is a dance club diva of the highest order. But what is this never ending comparing of apples with oranges, Godzilla with Uncle Sam, can’t these Asian chicks just stand on their own without the endless comparisons? Asia has always been accused of ripping off Occidental ideas, you know piracy and all that, and with pop star princesses nothing has changed. Coco Lee is a class act and just happens to hail from the land of the rising sun.

Suzy Miss A is another one of these Asian beauties, hailing from Korea and a multi-talented singer/ actress who has appeared in a couple of movies. Drop dead gorgeous in that delicate Asian flower kind of way, she has been called Korea’s ‘first love’. Well, if she was my first love there would not ever need to be a second love, unless she was run over by a bus, or some other unfortunate tragedy occurred. Suzy is the girl for me, stalkers get out of the way, I am coming through. These talented Asian pop singers on the rise are blitzing the airwaves and illuminating the screens at the movies.