Proper Posture: A Performer’s Advantage

Proper Posture: A Performer’s Advantage

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

Proper posture is probably the most common trait which a lot of performers lack in their early years. Correct posture conveys poise, elegance and power. It opens up your body language, boosts your confidence and shows you’re proud of who you are.

Why is Good Posture So Important?

Good posture is vital in giving out a great performance. Let’s take for example the opera or musical theater singers. Breath is needed to support the voice and having proper posture can help enhance their breathing to give them vocal strength, control and a better-sounding voice.

Posture affects breath support.  Proper posture can increase breath capacity as it creates the largest space possible in the chest cavity so the lungs can expand fully. Since it keeps the chest high and the rib cage expanded, it opens up a space so air can flow freely and progress unobstructed through the vocal cords. And with more air, singers are able to sing longer phrases without sounding like they are running out of air.

It’s no surprise then that a lot of performers seek the help of a chiropractor for posture check and posture correction as they know very well why an extremely good posture is a necessity for all aspects of a successful performance.

Poor posture is the cause of many physical problems, body aches and sometimes severe pain and dysfunction. Maintaining upright posture with a straight, stacked spine will also help them look confident, elegant and feel at their best which is an advantage for any performer. Making a few minor changes to their posture will result in an instant improvement of their performance and how others perceive them.

The Benefits of a Good Posture

  1. A good posture can help facilitate breathing.
  2. A good posture can help keep bones and joints in the right alignment.
  3. A good posture can help diminish the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces.
  4. A good posture can help prevent back, neck and muscular pain.
  5. A good posture can help prevent muscle aches and muscle fatigue.
  6. A good posture can help improve overall circulation.
  7. A good posture can help improve your appearance and image.
  8. A good posture can help avoid health complications.

Good posture says a lot about a person and everyone should learn about the subtleties of a perfect posture as it speaks power, confidence and success which can immediately change the way others see us, and the way we feel about ourselves.

How’s your posture?

Ten Cool Japanese Bands Worth Tuning Into

Ten Cool Japanese Bands Worth Tuning Into

Manga, anime and sushi: these three are probably the most Japanese things you can ever think of. Aside from these, Japan is getting popular because of its music. In fact, the country has the biggest music market in the world. A lot of Japanese bands are worth tuning into. If you are a newbie to the Japanese music scene, here are some cool Japanese bands you should probably start listening at:

  • Noodles

This all-girl group made a mark when they wrote and recorded a song for a Coca-Cola advertisement. It was so good and catchy that the song became a hit and was frequently played on the radio. During their US tour in 2005, Noodles was the opening act of the Delicious Bump Tour. The group is also considered as among the country’s best all-girl bands.

  • Polysics

Originating from Tokyo, Polysics is a Japanese new wave and rock band known for their arresting outfits and off the wall eye wear. Their music is inspired by the American band Devo so you’ll hear a blend of punk and synthpop.

  • Toe

Toe is a Japanese band whose genre is jazz fusion and math rock. At first, they only produced instrumental music. It was only later on when they included vocals on their music releases. Acoustic guitars and vibraphones can also be heard on their latest albums.

  • Hearsays

Hearsays just released their EP recently. If you are up to some dreamy and sweet indie music, they are worth checking out.

  • The Back Horn

This J-rock band started in Tokyo in 1998. They have been in the Japanese music industry for 18 years! With their energetic live performances and tracks that range from rock to punk and indie, no wonder that The Black Horn is going strong for almost two decades.


Listening to OOIOO’s music feels like you were being brought to an imaginary tribal-ish kingdom where there’s chanting and dancey beat. An interesting trivia about this band is that most of their music was derived from improvisation.

  • One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock is a J-Rock band formed in 2005. Since then, they have toured in the North America and in some parts of Europe. The band plays songs in Japanese and English, which is very rare for Japanese bands. Their genre is uptempo post-hardcore and sweet pop rock.

  • Alexandros

Alexandros plays the classic rock ‘n roll. The band just released their eleventh single last year, which ranked third after its debut in the Oricon Charts.

  • Tricot

Another girl band that made our list is Tricot. Originating from Kyoto, this three-girl band is lined in post-hardcore music. After their European tour, it is seen that they will become the next big thing in J-music.

  • Supercar

Supercar began their career playing indie rock. Later on, they experimented with electronics which pretty much helped their career.