Every Music Scene Fan Who Needs To Get Dumpstered


Attending music event can be exciting and exhilarating. This fun activity can help to boost your spirits up for several days after the event. The experience can provide happy memories in the days to come. What makes music events like concerts interesting are the people who have something in common with you.  All of them share your love of music, your particular band or performer. There are different people who go to music events, regardless of the performers. No matter how cool the crowd is, there are some worst fans you could possibly meet at the show. Event waste management is becoming more and important. The organizers need to take out the trash, including every music fan who needs to get dumpstered. You know them and can recognise them easily.

The drunk
In every music event, there’s always the drunk. You can easily identify them by their smell. Drunken guy or girl can be most annoying. They will never shut up and continue to be loud the whole event. Their clumsiness can result in spilled alcoholic beverage on you. Try to avoid them and move away if possible.

The lead singer
The lead singer is person who sings to every song at the top of their lungs. You’ll think he confuses the event for a karaoke show. Being stuck with this kind of fan is irritating since you went to the concert to hear the band.

The song heckler
Some fans love to scream the title of their favourite song in the hope that the band will play them. They will loudly scream throughout the show, even when they know there’s a setlist for the artist. You’ll wish this people will shut up and just enjoy the show.

The uncoordinated dancer
These are the people who love to dance but they have no coordination. They just hurl their arms at people instead of dancing. Their actions sometimes result into jostling and inappropriate touching. They will just throw their hands in the air and don’t care what anyone thinks.

The photographer
Some fans just waste most of their time taking pictures instead of experiencing the event. They feel that they need to take pictures to prove that they were at the concert. These people can also be a #hashtag warrior to get some Instagram likes for their posts.

The talker
Some folks are more interested to talk instead of listening to the band. They just keep talking even when people are glaring back at them. They even have to shout to hear each other. People having full blown conversation during the event ruin the show.

The stoic
You can easily spot the stoic by his crossed arms, nodding head and slightly closed eyes. The stoic seems to have been truly lost in the music and he makes sure you know it. You’ll see this fan in every show. His face is as stoic as the guards in the palace. He remains unmoved by all the singing, dancing and merriment going around.

The inconsiderate tall people
Some people just seem to be blocking the view for rows behind because of their height.  These people stand at the ground in their full height with false authority instead of standing behind to let everyone see.

The dance advocate
These concertgoers want to dance all the time. They want to dance every minute even grabbing everyone to join them. They continue to dance to start a mosh pit when nobody wants to mosh. Beware, they might harass you to get up and dance with them.

The PDA obsessed couple
These set of fans are literally impossible to pry apart, they are attached to the hip. They are the couples who refused to stop making out while the concert is going on. These two are often found in the corner locked on the floor cuddling and will not be moved.

The super fan
You can easily spot them by their outfit. Most of them are wearing the merch of the performers from head to toe. These fans have all the official merchandise. They are ready for the concert, with signs, posters and tattoo of the artist.

Kids who like to smoke pot
These kids typically ignore the band onstage instead they devote their energy smoking pot. You can find them at outdoor concerts on the open lawn. They will spend the rest of the concert in a drugged bliss or ask anyone to skip out with them.

The drag along
They really don’t want to be at the event. Attending is against their will, they are there to chaperone or simply blackmailed. Examples of this include mothers at a rock concert or fathers at Taylor Swift’s concert.  These people just stand still when the crowd goes wild.

The nudist
They are the kind of fan who takes any article of clothing off when drunk. They continuously bump into you while undressing and screaming at the top of their lungs.

The dance police
This guy or girls likes to treat a rock concert like a fancy opera. They only want to watch while telling other people around them to sit down. They don’t want dancing or any disturbances while they watch.

Smelly cats
You can smell these fans before you see them. They can be drunk who spilled beer on themselves due to clumsiness. Others didn’t take a bath or just have bad body odour.