How We Found Our Niche Market

How We Found Our Niche Market

Leederadio is the home of alternative Asian-influenced music, with everything from K-Pop and J-Pop to Deep House and Acid Trance. Obviously, we’re focused on a pretty specific niche, so how do you market to an Asian audience?

In general, diversifying your marketing endeavors to an international market, including marketing to an Asian audience, will allow your business to expand its customer base and have wider reach. In fact, the Asian community in the United States is considered as the fastest-growing race group in the country. That’s why businesses create marketing campaigns that are directed towards the Asian audience. Here are some tips on how you can bolster your marketing efforts that involve the Asian niche:

1. Exploit the powers of social media

Asians, particularly those in the Southeast Asia, account to almost 500 million active Facebook users and one-thirds of Twitter accounts. Social media users in the region are also heavily engaged in mobile chat applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat. On that account, you should avoid focusing all your efforts on a single entity, but rather develop a strategy that is applicable across all social media platforms and chat applications.

2. Become knowledgeable about your audience

This entails identifying who your target audience is. Since the Asian culture is very diverse, your efforts should be able to penetrate the right audience. Consequently, this will enable you to select the right media that will draw the attention of your prospective market.

 3. Go mobile

A study on the consumption pattern of those in the Asia Pacific region illustrated that the Asian market is engrossed on contents on their smartphones and tablets. As such, businesses should create content that can adapt on various technological platforms.

 4. Properly segment your audience

Rather than looking at the region in pieces, group your market based on interests, behavior and motivating force. Through this, you can create an approach where specific segments can directly relate to.

 5. Localize your marketing platforms

This does not simply mean translating your content to the local language, but rather creating a marketing feel that is specifically tailored to a certain market. For instance, employ an SEM strategy that will incorporate localized keywords that will perfectly describe your website and content. Another example is instituting multiple localized pages that will cater to a specified Asian market. In doing this, you should be ready to dedicate a lot of time customizing your page and its content.