Leedee Radio’s Best Promotions Of All Time!

Promotions help pique the interest of a target audience. It can also be a great introductory piece in showcasing your services to the people. We love having bizarre and fun promotions at leedee radio, however we’re not quite at the point of giving away free elephants unlike the folks at Springfield who gave one for the Simpsons. With that being said we definitely do some great promotions and give away some great items. These have been our favourite over the years proudly supplied by our friends at Be Promoted.

Here at Leedee Radio, we do our fair share of promotions and giveaways for our avid listeners from time to time. This in turn gives them an extra incentive to stay tuned and listen to our station. Our friends at Be Promoted, has indeed a plethora of promotional items which are available on a regular day to day basis and is also relatively easy to acquire. What we like most about the products they provide is the added customizations options they also render to their customers. This allows us to pick from any sort of item that is available over their online digital store front while at the same time add a few of our personal touches to make them look unique and distinct from each other. The end result is an authentic promotional gift our avid listeners will surely enjoy having.

As mentioned earlier, we have given quite a number of items to our fans and these includes tee shirts which comes in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from along with our signature prints. Our listeners are not limited with its sizes as we are able to give them option to choose the ones that are suitable for them. Clothing aside, we have also provided popular and trending items such as bamboo phone holders, dynamo flashlights, anti-stress relievers and many more.

We at Leedee Radio also share eco friendly promotional items to our fans in an effort to encourage them to care deeply for nature. The eco friendly items we have shared include nature notepads, pocket pads, stationary sets, sharpened full length timber pencils, recycled rulers, recycled highlight markers, promotional calico bags, short handle tote bags and many more. Our promotions often have different themes and settings we would like to introduce to our listeners and as you can see eco friendliness is often one of them.

New promotional items are made and introduced by our friends at Be Promoted and as a result, the products that they are showcasing often changes and gets updated from time to time. Here at Leedee Radio, we find it necessary to feature these items by using them towards our next promotional endeavors. As a result, our fans are given plenty of opportunities and this helps increase the overall likelihood of them having their name called as they try to win these items in the promos.

It should also be noted that former winners of our promos are still eligible to win new stuff in our upcoming events. This is the reason why we advise listeners to often stay tuned to our station for a chance to win or have another shot with the new set of promotional items that we are currently offering.