Live Fast! Damage Your Hearing

Music plays a very important role to a number of individuals all over the world. People listen to music and find it a good way to multitask different activities. Whether one is exercising, driving or commuting to work or perhaps riding the public transit, you will often notice a few people listening to music with their headphones on minding their own business. There is indeed a lot of fun to be had with music with that being said, just like any other form of leisure and entertainment it is best to practice moderation. Let us look are you loud music can damage your hearing.

We live in this fast paced world and we are given ample ways to do a variety of things all at the same time. As mentioned earlier, many listen to music while they are engaged to a number of activities. With countless number of songs to choose from, people will not be finding any shortage of tracks to listen to at anytime soon. Music also has a lot of positive therapeutic effects with it helping calm people up, keeps them relaxed and in some cases give them a boost of energy they need to accomplish tasks. This is the reason people are very much attached to music in various forms and genre.

It should be noted however that any form of music when it gets out of hand can turn into noise. This is quite apparent when people set their volume too high or loud for their own sake. Whether you are at a live concert or just listening to the radio, even on your headphones, having the music turned too loud can cause damage to your hearing. This is why it is important to avoid such incidents when the situation calls for them. How do you know what volume of sound is dangerous to your ears?

Decibels (dB) are the measurement sound pressure scales from. The higher the decibel levels are, the more dangerous it becomes to its receiver. At decibel level of 85 or stronger people are at risk in permanently damaging their ears. For people who enjoy listening to music with stock earphones on a regular basis, a level of 100 decibels can be generated when the volume is set to max which is known to cause permanent damage after listening in just 15 minutes per day. How about during concerts and other live events? A loud rock concert is able to generate 115 decibels of environment noise which can be very dangerous. The decibel level of 125 is where pain from the ears begins which is definitely not a good sign to stay farther away to where the noise was generated.

One of the most common occupational hazards a huge number of individuals are facing today comes from noise. Indeed, several people suffer from early signs of deafness due to environmental noises they are exposed to on a regular day to day basis. This is the reason why it is important for one to discern music from noise and avoid setting their volumes up too high for their own good. Even classical music can hurt your ears when the volume is set to max and this is why one should be wary of the decibel levels to avoid having problems with your hearing in the future.