Soothing Music Can Help To Increase Fertility Rates


The best way to begin pregnancy is before the conception. Preconception planning and preparation can help get the baby on board faster by improving your fertility. If your fertility test found no medical reason for your infertility, evaluate your life to determine your stress level. Your stress may be a factor for your inability to conceive. It’s time to defeat your stress by using music to boost your fertility naturally. Soothing music can enhance fertility by reducing stress. Music and sound alleviates stress by inducing relaxation response to the brain and body. Music creates mind and body connection that bring real changes in the body.  Music decreases anxiety, depression and fatigue while increasing vigour and vitality. Fertility levels increase with the right music. For couples wanting a successful pregnancy, music therapy can be an effective and low-cost supplement to their fertility enhancement program.

Scientific studies show that stress can be linked to a woman’s inability to conceive. Stress causes lack of libido and decrease fertility level. Stress Induce Reproductive Dysfunction is the name used to describe this situation. The woman’s body is designed to prevent pregnancy during times of stress. The body produces adrenalin, a hormone that signals the body that it’s not ideal to conceive. Adrenalin inhibits the utilisation of progesterone which is essential for fertility. Stress not only inhibits women’s fertility but also slow male sperm production. Stress hormones inhibit the body’s main sex hormone and suppress sexual activity, sperm count and ovulation. Stress also reduces fertility by overproducing cortisol, prolactin and ACTH. The hormonal imbalance gets in the way of normal reproduction. Relieving stress through music can help regain hormonal balance.

Stress negatively affect fertility rate, it is linked to delayed or missed periods which makes tracking ovulation difficult. If you’re considering natural alternative to get pregnant try music therapy. It helps to achieve mind and body relaxation and moderate stress levels. This therapeutic modality dates back to ancient times. Music was used by our forefathers as a stimulus of pleasure. Music help produce dopamine, a substance that makes us feel good. The power of music as a stress reliever has undeniable benefits for fertility and well-being. Music may not be a cure for infertility but it helps encourage conception by bringing the body back into hormonal balance. Music helps the body and mind to relax. Relaxation stimulates the reproductive organs into action. Vibrations produced by music increase the chances of the sperm fertilising the egg.

If pregnancy is your ultimate goal removing stress should be your priority. Reduce stress from your life to achieve healthy fertility. Get rid of stress safely and naturally through music therapy. This modality addresses both fertility and stress reduction at the same time. Music therapy can be done anywhere, in the privacy of the home, in the car or just about anywhere for a few minutes to provide a sense of relaxation. Soothing music can help to increase fertility rate by quieting the mind, stimulating pleasure and making you feel good. Feeling good makes you healthier and more receptive to positive outcomes.